Current Leadership and Board

President | Dr. Christy John
Past President | Joyce Oandasan
Leadership Circle Representative to Board | Delysia Riddick
Secretary/Sociocratic Logkeeper | Jes Bookout
Treasurer in Transition | Susan Hill
Treasurer in Training | Joyce Oandasan
SECA Representative | Cindy Brown
Board Facilitator | Emily Heatwole
Apple Valley Chapter Lead | Jennifer Strickler
Apple Valley Chapter Representative | Dr. Stacey Park
Central Chapter Lead | Shannon Banks
Central Chapter Representative | Jennifer Fry
Greater Lynchburg Chapter Lead | Jessica Webb
Greater Lynchburg Chapter Representative |
New River Valley Chapter Lead | Emily Perkins
New River Valley Chapter Representative | Kim Thomason
Piedmont Chapter Lead | Leslie Floyd
Piedmont Chapter Representative | Jessica Griffith
Prince William Chapter Lead | Sarah Maynard
Prince William Chapter Representative | Belinda Ryberg
Richmond Chapter Lead | Margina Grow
Richmond Chapter Representative |
Southeastern Chapter Lead | Beth Anderson
Southeastern Chapter Representative | Cindy Brown
Valley Chapter Lead | Emily Heatwole
Valley Chapter Representative | Pat Kennedy

Non-Voting - Executive Director | Jennifer Root, CMP

Leadership Circle
President | Dr. Christy John
Past President | Joyce Oandasan
Conference Circle Lead | Belinda Ryberg
Conference Circle Representative | Jennifer Fry
Communication and Membership Circle Lead | Beth Anderson
Communication and Membership Circle Representative | Sarah Maynard
Equity Circle Lead | Delysia Riddick
Equity Circle Representative | Hilari Rogers
Professional Development and Quality Circle Lead | Kim Thomason
Professional Development and Quality Circle Representative | Open
Public Policy and Advocacy Circle Lead | Dr. Navine Fortune
Public Policy and Advocacy Circle Representative | Lisa Plotkin
Non-Voting - Executive Director | Jennifer Root, CMP

Conference Coordinator | Karl Gildner

What is Sociocracy?
Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance, is a system of governance that seeks to achieve solutions that create harmonious social environments as well as productive organizations and businesses. It is distinguished by the use of consent rather than majority voting in decision-making. For VAAEYC, working circles make recommendations that the board consider for consent.

VAAEYC has five working circles: Conference, Communication and Membership, Professional Development, Public Policy and Advocacy, and Equity. In addition there are working group circles formed to take on specific projects.

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