VAAEYC needs volunteers to help make the Annual Conference run smoothly! Volunteers are needed to assist as Room Monitors. Room Monitors will greet the presenters and use an app to scan attendees in and out of sessions to ensure they earn CEU. More details about the role is below.

Volunteers will be eligible for complimentary admission to the Friday Night Out with the Stars event. (Will require two sessions, preferably the same day, to be eligible.)

Sign up HERE if you are interested! Session selection is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Room Monitor and Check-in

  • This role requires volunteers to download a separate app on their personal cell phones to scan attendees in and out of sessions. Mandatory training will be provided.
  • Arrive at your assigned room at least 15 minutes before the session.
  • Greet the presenter and make sure they know you are there to assist them if needed.
    • If they have AV challenges, contact contact the Conference Coordinator.
    • You may be asked to assist with any handout distribution.
  • As participants arrive, use the Conference Tracker Admin App to scan the QR code on the name badge as they enter the room.
  • When the room is filling, help direct participants to open seats.
  • If the room reaches capacity, kindly inform participants that they should find another session.
  • In order to earn contact hours or CEU all attendees must scan in AND out of the session, even for bathroom breaks.
  • No paper evaluations will be handed out, all workshop evaluations are done through the Conference App and must be completed for participant to earn CEU or download a certificate of attendance.
  • If you have a disruptive or disrespectful person, contact the Conference Coordinator.
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