Are you ready to be a Star for Early Childhood Educators?

Make Sponsoring the VAAEYC Annual Conference Part of Your Marketing Plan

Increase your exposure to Early Childhood Educators by sponsoring the VAAEYC Annual Conference! These opportunities are designed to help your brand exposure and get you in front of the attendees. Take a look at our sponsorship opportunities below. We have a price point to meet every need!

All sponsors receive their logo and company information on the VAAEYC website, in the conference app, and in the printed program. Additional benefits dependent on the level of the sponsorship.

If you don’t see the right opportunity, reach out and let us create a package that fits your needs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Bag Stuffer (unlimited) | $300
Have some promotional materials you want in front of attendees? The conference bag stuffer is the sponsorship for you! You supply the materials, and we’ll do the stuffing. (One piece per sponsor please!)

Pens (1 available) | $800
Add your company name or logo and website to this pen that attendees will use long after the conference.

Morning Coffee in the Exhibit Hall (3 available) | $1,000
Give attendees a lift by sponsoring morning coffee in the Exhibit Hall. Appropriate signage displaying your company name and logo will be placed by the break areas, and beverage napkins with your logo.

Friday Night Social Event (3 available) | $1,000
Support this special social event for conference attendees to network and relax after a long conference day. Your logo will be on the signage at one of the three social event locations and on the event passport given to all participants.

Badge Lanyards (1 available) | $1,000
Your logo will be featured on the lanyards used for badges and worn by every attendee throughout the conference.

Directional Signage (1 available) | $1,000
Your logo will be placed on the directional signage to help participants navigate around the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.

Notepads (1 available) | $1,500
This great take-home item will have your company branding on it for life long after the conference. Attendees at the conference take LOTS of notes and this sponsorship provides a place for them to capture all of the great information they learn.

Attendee Lunches (3 available) | $1,500
vaaeyc is offering three opportunities for a sponsor to offset the cost of lunch for our attendees.These discounted boxed lunches will be purchased by attendees to enjoy in the exhibit hall while seeing what’s new and trendy in the supplier world of early childhood education. Additional benefits include:

  • Lunches to be distributed near your booth
  • One minute podium time in exhibit hall
  • Logo included on meeting app
  • Appropriate signage
  • Beverage Napkins with Your Logo

Registration Bags (1 available) | $2,000
Each attendee will receive a bag that features your company logo along with the vaaeyc’s logo. These practical bags will be used way beyond the dates of the conference and are collector items!

Badge Wallets (1 available) | $2,000
With this high-profile sponsorship opportunity, your company’s logo will be showcased on the badge Wallets worn by every attendee throughout the conference!

Reusable Travel Mug or Water Bottles (1 available) | $2,000
These reusable water bottles or travel mugs can be used to fill up with water so attendees can fill up their bottle sponsored by your company with your company logo on it. The best part is they will take them home and keep using them, increasing your brand exposure.

Literacy Lunch Presentation (1 available) | $2,000
This lunch highlights literacy and the presenter is Kimberly Johnson. Benefits include:

  • Up to 2 minutes of podium time
  • Logo on meeting app and website
  • Beverage napkins with Your Logo
  • Appropriate Signage

Keynote Presentations (4 available) | $2,000

Sponsor one of four keynote presenters:

  1. John Richardson-Lauve
  2. Jacky Howell
  3. Jim Harris
  4. Kimberly Harris
  • Up to 2 minutes of podium time
  • Logo on meeting app and website
  • Appropriate Signage

Public Policy Lunch Presentation (1 available) | $2,000
Advocating for childhood education is a responsibility we must all participate in. Become a sponsor of this important lunch time opportunity. Benefits include:

  • 2 - 3 minutes of podium time at luncheon
  • Logo on meeting app and website
  • Beverage napkins with Your Logo
  • Appropriate Signage

Mobile App Sponsorship (1 available) | $2,000
Put your brand in the hands of vaaeyc Annual Conference attendees as the sole sponsor of the vaaeyc’s Annual Conference Mobile App. Benefits include:

  • Your logo on the vaaeyc website with link to your company’s website
  • Your logo in the Final Program in the app
  • One push notification sent out each day to attendees
  • Your logo on every attendee’s mobile device
  • Mobile App banner ads
  • Conference Bag Insert- brochure, flyer, trinket – you supply and we’ll include them in each attendees bag

T-Shirt Sponsor (2 available) | $2,500
Your logo will be placed on the t-shirts made available for purchase to attendees.

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